Hi, My name is Kiara Singhania.

I am just another girl who dreams of making it big in the world. My passions include writing, networking, traveling and cooking. I have been working in the direct selling network marketing company for nearly a decade now and I think that it is now time for me to spread the knowledge that I accumulated over the time.

I joined QNET as a Direct Selling entrepreneur on 2012 and have never looked back. What attracted me about the company was the varied range of products and the business opportunity that it showed. My favourite QNET products include the Nutriplus range of health supplement, the CHAIROS luxury watch among others. As someone who is very much into health and fitness, Nutriplus products are something very close to my heart and it brings me a lot of be so closely associated with it.

As anyone who has found success in the direct selling network marketing business will tell you, the next step is to help the future generation of direct sellers. That is why I decided to start the AllThingsQNET website! So feel free to contact me if you need any kind of help or advice in the business. Meanwhile, go through the website and have a good read!

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