QNET in Sports

As a company known for its high-quality Nutriplus health supplements and for its mission to make the world a better and healthier place, it is a given that QNET has a special interest in sports. Just like how sports build character and in personality development, QNET India also puts a lot of emphasis on improving its direct selling independent representatives’ personality and skills, including leadership skills, time and money management, and more. Let us take a look at some of the instances where QNET has partnered with major sports teams and champions to carry on their legacy.

QNET and Manchester City

The relationship between QNET and Manchester City is something that is already well-known and popular. In 2014, QNET became the Official Direct Selling Partner of Manchester City Football Club, making it one of the company’s highest-profile sports sponsorships. This partnership has allowed QNET to create a special kind of brand recognition and to make QNET a household name. QNET also plans to use the excitement and energy of football and its fans to bring a new kind of thrill and enthusiasm to the direct selling business and to inspire QNET direct selling independent representatives.

Martina Hingis and QNET

Former world no. 1 women’s doubles tennis star Martina Hingis and QNET had a working relationship in the past as the former was the QNET’s Inspirational new face from 2015 to mid-2016. Martina was the perfect person to act as the QNET brand ambassador for the time as she personified what QNET is all about- linking hard work and determination with the concepts of network marketing. She also represents the drive, passion, individual skills and teamwork that has helped QNET to become a top direct selling company in India and around the world.

QNET and F1

QNET also has a team in the F1 racing circuit as it has partnered with Virgin Racing. The team was renamed to Marussia F1 team and has helped QNET to reach a far wider audience and to make it a household name for more than half a billion people around the globe. QNET became the Official Direct Selling Partner of the team and had its logo on two of the race cars and on the driver’s overalls and helmets, helping to showcase the brand.

QNET and Chetan Korada

QNET has been working with Chetan Korada, Asia’s first racer to win a race with prosthetic legs. Chetan Korada represents the ideals and principles that QNET has at its core- never let adversities keep you down.

Chetan Korada also made QNET proud as he won the MRF saloon series 2020, held in Chennai.

QNET Direct Selling and Sports

Sports have many things in common with a QNET network marketing company in India. You need to have a passion for succeeding and working hard to become successful in both of them. Both of them also helps you to develop character, personality and various aspects of your skills.

Leadership is another important aspect of sports that translets well into QNET direct selling. In both QNET and in Sports, good leadership skills are a necessity to succeed. A good direct selling leader is like a the captain in a sports team. He or she decides what happens with

I hope that this article was enough to help you to learn more QNET and its partnership with sport teams and champions as a part of the former’s dedication and passion to make the world a better place. If you want to add anything more to the conversation, you can do so through the comments below.

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