Getting Leads for Your QNET Business

We all start our QNET business with the aim of becoming successful and getting rich. And as someone who has achieved a little bit of both, I can assure that it is possible if you put in the time and efforts. But you should also be willing to get more leads to your QNET business.

When it comes to building a successful direct selling business, one of the most important things you have to do is get more and new leads. While finding prospective customers at the start of your journey might be easy, as time progresses, it becomes harder. However, here are some ways tips when it comes to getting leads for your QNET direct selling business.

Know your Target Audience

Before you can make attempts to win over your audience, you should know who your target audience is! You will be wasting your time and effort if you target the wrong audience. For instance, if you are selling products that are made for an older audience, social media platforms might not be your best bet when compared to face-to-face interactions and conversations.

Be it a QNET business or any other, your key target audience is where you will be making most of your revenue from. Therefor it is crucial that you know your target audience and streamline your efforts better suit them.


The importance of networking in direct selling network marketing cannot be emphasised enough. It literally says in the name itself. Everyone you talk to is a potential customer or a new member to your sales team. And when you find a new customer or sales team member, you improve your chances of meeting new people. In fact, networking is my favourite part of running a QNET business. I have met and befriended people from all spheres of life and it has helped in more ways than one.

Create a website

I have always said that every business needs a website. Today, we live in a world where even the least tech-savvy of us can build and run a website. If you want unlimited reach and connectivity for your direct selling network marketing business, you need a website dedicated to it. You can use your website to introduce your product, write reviews or just to share your journey as a direct seller for a top direct selling business in India like QNET- content that people will be able to connect with.

Not only does having a website help you to share your story to the world, but it also makes your direct selling business feel authentic and establish credibility.

The power of social media

Social media has crept into every aspect of our life and holds more power in our lives than ever before. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok is everywhere and has helped businesses grow and connect with their audience.

Not only are these social media platforms an easy and efficient means of marketing your products, but it also helps you connect with your customers and attract new. You can leverage the power of social media by coming with unique and novel ways marketing your product and social media marketing.

Using Email and Text Marketing

Even though this is the era of social media marketing, text and email marketing is still a crucial factor when it comes running a successful direct selling network marketing company. Once you have directed your prospective customer towards your website, you can ask them to sign-up to your newsletter or email list. You can keep your clients updated with your products and deals with the help of emails and text messages. As your email and text messaging list grows with time, so does your chances of getting more leads.

Visit exhibitions and fairs

Exhibitions and fairs are the backbones of top direct selling companies in India like QNET. Visiting exhibitions and fairs allow you to build your network, meet new clients and showcase your products. I understand that the global pandemic has made it harder for people to meet up and to interact, but with the world slowly returning to normal, you should start to visit as many exhibitions and fairs. Make a list of all the fairs and exhibitions that you can attend. Make sure to attend them and to meet as many people there as you can.

Home Parties

Last but least, you can always host a party at your home to introduce your products to your friends and family. You can ask them to bring more people into your network and use the party setting to interact with them. Word of mouth marketing is the most effective marketing strategy if you want to build your business organically. And home parties are an ideal way method for this. As more and more people become aware and comfortable with the idea of direct selling and your products, they will be happy to introduce others to it.

Why you should get leads for your QNET business?

If you want to grow your direct selling business and to turn it into a passive source of income, then it is important to get more leads for it. It can be new leads to turn to your customers or to introduce to your business. While the former is beneficial in selling more products and thereby increasing your profits from the sales, the latter is arguably better and effective.

By growing your QNET sales team, you will be able to turn your direct selling business into more of a passive source of income. This works because as you recruit more and more people into your QNET sales team, you also earn a part of the profits from the products that they sell. Not only that, when they introduce others into the business, the process is repeated over and over again, allowing you to earn while staying at home.

Getting new and better leads is the lifeblood of a successful direct selling network marketing business. While it can seem hard at first, with these simple and efficient techniques, you can get more leads and convert them to future customers. If you have any concerns or what to know more about how I managed to grow my QNET business, follow my page, comment and share!

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