How does QNET work?

As one of the biggest direct selling company in India and a contender for the top 10 direct selling business in Asia, QNET has had a long and storied history. Their range of high-quality, world-class products is just as unmatched by the level of care and attention they give towards customer satisfaction and service. But how does a top direct selling company in India manage to consistently outperform its competition? What makes QNET one of the best in the industry? How does QNET work?

What is direct selling network marketing?

You must be already aware of what direct selling network marketing businesses are. But just as a reminder, a direct selling company is one that gets the products from a manufacturer and sells it directly to the customer. In this process, there are no middlemen or intermediaries, allowing companies like QNET to sell a high-quality product at a much lower rate than would be normally possible. The network marketing aspect of the business comes into play as you will be required to grow your network if you wish to be successful. By growing your network, you will be able to sell more products faster and improve your chances of getting more people into the business. You are also given a part of the sales commission from anyone that you recruit to your network, working as an incentive for you to grow your QNET direct selling network marketing team. Now that you have learned the answer to the question- ‘How does QNET work?’, let us see why it’s a valuable opportunity and helps society.

What are the benefits of QNET direct selling?

We have already briefly talked about the main benefits of working for a top direct selling network marketing business in India like QNET. By being a QNET direct seller, or an IR as they are called, you will be able to start your own business by selling QNET products. It is low risk and low investment, allows you to be flexible with your work hours and practices, and also to achieve financial freedom. And because you will be selling products that are already developed and researched by QNET, it is a much easier alternative to starting a business from the ground up.

In a direct selling network marketing business like QNET, the success of the entire company is dependent on the success of an individual. Therefore, direct selling companies like QNET are willing to spend a large amount of money and time in making sure that their IRs are well-trained. This makes it an ideal option for anyone who is a beginner and just looking forward to beginning their journey as an entrepreneur. As a global network of entrepreneurs and successful businesspersons, you will always find someone to guide you on your journey of becoming a QNET direct selling entrepreneur.

It is important to note that QNET is not a job opportunity as they IRs, or Independent Representatives, are not employed by QNET but rather work on their own business. It is also not an investment scheme but a business opportunity where you start a business by selling products from QNET. While earning passive income as a QNET IR is not impossible, you are dependent on your network and the sales revenue they bring in.

Future of QNET in India

According to a report by the KPMG and FICCI, the direct selling industry in India is set to grow to an impressive Rs. 645 Billion by the year 2025. When the study was published in 2016–16, the industry was valued at Rs. 80 Billion. By 2019–2020, in just five years, the value has risen to more than Rs. 236 Billion. A large part of this comes from QNET India and its direct selling independent representatives.

The government of India is also very supportive of direct selling businesses like QNET and any other form of entrepreneurship. Many of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies and schemes have been very helpful in making a great steppingstone for direct selling businesses in the country. This includes schemes like Skills India, Make in India, Startup India and Digital India.

Why India is fertile ground for direct selling businesses like QNET

Every industry goes through 5 stages in its life cycle — startup, growth, shakeout, maturity, and decline. For instance, online businesses and social media platforms like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart etc. are already at their maturity stage and is paying back for the people who invested in them in the past.

The direct selling network marketing business right now is going through its growth phase and has a high bar to what it can achieve. And for me, the growth phase is the best time to get into an industry if you missed out on its startup phase.

QNET helps the country’s economy

QNET has been a major player in helping the economies of countries all around the world and is expected to do the same to India. Not only is QNET India a tax-paying entity, but it also helps in driving up the entrepreneurial spirit of the country’s youth and to bring down unemployment rates. This is especially true for a country like India, which generates over 12 million workforces each year.

Direct selling businesses like Vihaar direct selling, through which QNET undertakes its business in India, helps in women empowerment as more than half of the direct sellers that work for them are of the fairer gender.

I hope that I was able to answer your question on how QNET works and its benefits. If you have any topics that you want me to cover, please mention them in the comments below. Also, follow my page for regular content about QNET and the direct selling network marketing business.

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