QNET India Direct Selling: How, Why and When

QNET India and the direct selling industry as a whole has been making major ripples in India. More and more people have become interested in the industry and trying to join it. But when I joined the industry, I found it hard to know what to do and how to do things for maximum benefit. There were not as many resources as what you see today, and even the ones I found were more aimed at recruiting people to the business than helping you succeed. Today, there are a number of resources like QBuzz, BYOB and QNET for Life that are aimed at helping people learn the art of direct selling and more about QNET India.

The How of QNET India

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The most innovative thing about QNET India and the direct selling business as a whole is the business model. That is why it is important to know how direct selling business and QNET India works. Direct selling is a business model where the products are sold to the customers directly from a company by licensed representatives. In the case of QNET India, these sellers or entrepreneurs are called QNET IRs or Independent Representatives.

QNET India has collaborated with a number of world-famous companies like SHARP, Cuckoo and Dankotuwa (ORITSU dinnerware) to produce some of the best and most sought out products in the world. Take, for instance, the SHARP QNET SmartAir air purifier or the Cuckoo MyHomePlus Water Purifier. QNET has brought some of the best and innovative products to its customers in India. Other products from QNET includes the Nutriplus range of healthcare supplements, CHAIROS luxury watches, Kinnari jewellery etc.

QNET IRs buy the products from QNET and sell them to retail customers or members of their sales team, who sell them to their retail customers. The IRs are then allowed to keep part of the benefits from the sale as their sales commission. As you sell more products and grow your direct selling sales team, you can ride the ladder of QNET success and even reach the Blue Diamond member, the highest level.

Why QNET India

There are more than a few direct selling companies in Asia. And some of them have been doing very good for themselves. But when it comes to the top direct selling business in Asia, no other business stands up to QNET India and its long legacy.

All about QNET India - QBuzz India| Voice of QNET in India

Not only has QNET India have one of the largest and most sought after range of products, but it also has helped change millions of people in the world. It has helped people start a business of their own and achieve financial independence. It has also helped millions of kids and underprivileged people to have a better future.

QNET also has some of the best resources available today to help direct sellers succeed. Direct selling can be a tough industry to break into, especially if you do not have anyone to mentor it. QNET gives you access to thousands of mentors and guides. Entrepreneurs who have already made it big with QNET. These entrepreneurs will guide you on your journey as a QNET direct seller. They will teach you how to achieve success quickly and avoid the same obstacles that they had to face on their journey.

When should I join QNET?

There is a very popular saying in finance. The best time to invest was ten years ago; the next best time is now. The same applies to direct selling and QNET India. People who have joined QNET India years ago have made it big and is still racking up the rewards. And the best thing is, the direct selling business is still far from its peak. So, if you come across a chance to join a top direct selling company like QNET, it is the perfect time for it. I have already talked about what the future of direct selling is and where the industry is expected to be in 2025.

As you can see, QNET India and direct selling are some of the best and most attractive industries to be in. So head on to the QNET India website and begin your journey towards entrepreneurship and financial independence. 

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  1. Do we have to create our website ? How and what kind of website? Ecart? How to advertise in facebook? How to find target market? Please guide me as my upline is sick and suffering with dengue.


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