Secret to Motivating your QNET Sales Team

Your sales team is your ultimate weapon when it comes to rising the ladders of the direct selling industry and becoming a top direct selling company in India. If you take the story of any successful QNET direct seller, you will always find a team of dedicated and determined teammates. In any direct selling network marketing business, the success of the business is dependent on the team and vice versa.

Studies show that more than half the people who join a direct selling company like QNET quit less than a year from their date of joining. Even a larger part of the recruits does not become active, and this can be detrimental to your direct selling network marketing business. But keeping your QNET sales team motivated can be achieved with these simple tips.

Provide a clear direction

Sometimes, the only thing that is keeping your sales team from achieving the potentials that they could is that they do not have a proper direction and goal. If you do not provide them with a clear path on which to tread, they will wander off and lose track. I have always emphasized the importance of setting goals for your direct selling business. The best leaders in the world have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, how they can achieve it and why. This helps them to mobilize their troop and overcome obstacles that might otherwise be impossible.

Having a clear, defined goal also means that you will know what how far away you are from it, what’s keeping your team back and also works to motivate them.

Being Likeable

This is an ambiguous tip. Being likeable can mean a lot of things. But, in the end, your sales team is looking for someone who they can look up to, respect and turn to in need of guidance. What makes a QNET sales team leader different from an employer is that you control a volunteer army. This means that respect is the best tool of motivation, not fear!

Be transparent and communicate

In any relationship, communication is the key to success and longevity. You should learn to communicate and be transparent with your QNET sales team if you want them to succeed. Keep in constant touch with them with the use of social media, the internet and regular messaging.

Another aspect of making sure is that your message should not get lost in transit. This is especially true if you are able to grow your direct selling network marketing sales team into a large group.

It’s all about the opportunity and the product

Your product and the opportunities that come with becoming a direct selling entrepreneur with QNET should be the primary driving force of your sales team. As I have always said, sell only products that you are proud off and use yourself. It is vital that your QNET sales team is proud of their product and wants others to get the benefits of it as it makes them more excited to sell it.

These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can use to improve the morale of your QNET sales team and to retain them. With these tips, you can begin your journey to the top of the direct selling network marketing industry and help your teammates to do the same.

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