Handling Objections as a Direct Seller!

Anyone who has been a part of the direct selling network marketing for a while will be aware of the objections and rejections that they face when trying to sell a product to a prospective customer. While it is easy to become demotivated when you come face to face with objections and rejections, it is important to learn that sales is a hard path that only the persistent thrive in.

Here are some techniques by which you better and more efficiently handle objections that might arise when you try to make a sale.

Hear them out!

When faced with criticism or objection about your products or company, most of us are too quick to address their every phrase and try to come up with a rebuttal. However, it is best to give them time to tell their issues and to encourage them to tell the whole story behind their issue or concern. You cannot change someone’s mind if you are not willing to hear out their side of the story.

Feed the objection back

By feeding back your prospective customer’s concerns, you are getting all the information you will ever need. It is always better to let the customer air out all his concerns so that no more objections or issues crop up after you have finalised the deal.

Question their objections

This is where your subtlety and tact come into play. You should try to find out what are the root causes of your customer’s objections and concerns and try to convince him that your product or service is the right choice for them.

Answer the objection

Once you know the entire story behind your prospective buyer’s concerns and objections, it is your time to answer it.

Confirm your answer

It is not just important to answer their concerns and objections, but also to make sure that they have heard it. You can do this simply by asking him or her if your reply has answered their query. This is important because it reduces the chance of your prospective buyer raising the same concern again.

The power of “By the way”

A seasoned seller is well aware of the power that these three words can have. Use it to change gears or to move to the next topic of discussion. It also allows you to make a conscious and purposeful step back into your presentation.

As a direct seller for a top direct selling company in Asia, you will be faced with more rejections and objections than with open hands. However, the sign of a great direct seller is one who is able to answer these concerns and turning a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. While changing someone’s mind might seem like a mammoth task, with enough experience and hard work, it will become easy and second nature to you.

Learning how to handle objection and rejections without losing motivation and inspirations is one of the most important lessons that you can learn as a direct seller. With enough experience, dedication, and guidance, you will be able to learn how to overcome objections and to secure the sale.

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