Difference between Direct Selling and Network Marketing

While most of us use direct selling and network marketing pretty interchangeably, there is, in fact, a difference between the two terms. Even I am guilty of doing the same. Many direct selling companies use the network marketing model of business to improve their profits and the reach of your sales team. You can still be a profitable direct seller if you just sell your products yourself to individual customers. But if you want to be a successful direct selling network marketing entrepreneur, you should increase your network by growing your sales team.

Network marketing is what allows you to turn your direct selling business like QNET into a source of passive, long-term income. You can start your networking for your direct selling business with the warm market, i.e. your friends, family members and relatives. In network marketing, companies incentivise getting more people into the business. A significant part of your payout in a network marketing business is from the commission that you get for introducing and recruiting people to the business. Downlines are members of your direct selling company that you managed to recruit to your business.

In top direct selling companies like QNET, you are not paid to recruit more people into your business. Sales are crucial if you want to succeed as a direct selling entrepreneur. But what makes networking important for direct selling is the fact that you get paid a part of the commission for the products that your sales team sells. So, the bigger the sales team, the higher your profits. Some top-level direct sellers have been even able to turn direct selling into a completely passive source of income.

Benefits of Direct Selling Network Marketing

Over the past few decades, people have become more attracted to direct selling network marketing companies as a whole for a number of reasons. I have already talked about many benefits of direct selling in the past, including financial independence, flexible work style, among others. But I am someone who believes that you cannot have too much of a good thing. So here are some of the benefits of becoming a direct selling entrepreneur, especially for a top direct selling company in India like QNET.

Cost of joining: One of the best reasons to join a direct selling business like QNET is the low cost and investment. Anyone who wants to start a business of their own can do so with QNET without much investment or joining fee.

Part-time opportunity: most of us do not want to spend our entire day working. And people who love working are always on the lookout for an opportunity to work more. Weirdly, direct selling companies like QNET are the answer to both the problems.

Potential: Due to the network marketing model of direct selling businesses, companies like QNET have great scope for exponential growth. As I said earlier, you grow your sales team and get more and more people into your sales team, so does your opportunity to earn and grow.

Direct selling companies like QNET are a great way for people to start and run a successful business, without much capital, on a part-time basis. So head on to the QNET website and learn how you can start your own journey towards financial freedom and happiness.  

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