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While many of us are completely fine and enthusiastic about working for a living, most of us are sadly stuck in a ‘rat race’. We work to make our employers rich, to pay tax to the government and to pay our lenders. Thought this does not mean an unhappy life, it means that our passions and hopes have to take a back seat to our financial needs, relegated to our hobbies that we do when we have free time.

This is where financial independence comes into play. If you have been a regular reader of my blog, then you will know how much importance I give to financial freedom and independence. Here are 5 reasons why financial freedom is what you should strive for. Many entrepreneurs risk their jobs, work ridiculous hours, and put their life savings on the line to start a business of their own. Not only does this include a number of financial sacrifices, but it also runs the risk that your sacrifices are for nothing. But, why do people still run the risk of failure when starting a business?

Job security is an illusion

If the COVID19 pandemic has shown us something, it is that job security is an illusion unless you are one of the ‘chosen few’. As thousands of people have lost their job and even more businesses and small organisations have found it hard to make a profit and are forced to close down, being financially independent has become more important in life.

Direct selling companies like QNET allows you to start a business of your own and to achieve financial independence.

Escape the rat race!

Most of us are stuck in a rat race. This is more applicable if you are a millennial or one of the groups that came after! We look at people who have saved enough money or invested wisely enough to retire early with shock and disbelief as we ourselves have not reached the same point.

While many of us love to work, meet others as a part of the work and want to improve ourselves, many of us stop thinking of how we will pay our rent or how we will be able to afford grocery as we think of our next business plan. When you are financially free, you can follow the goals of your own as you are no longer restricted by goals set by others or the need to satisfy others.

You are in a better position can help others

If you are anything like me, you would have spent at least a few moments looking at the world outside and thinking about how you could have made it a better place for others. Being financially independent or your own boss allows you to invest more time and effort into helping people around you.

Being free of financial burdens means that you have more time to spend and fix the problems of the world. If you are anything like me, that is something you are passionate and interested in.

Your fun is amplified

One of the most popular quotes about happiness and life is that “money cannot buy happiness”. Though most of us will agree to this, the truth remains that you will be able to enjoy more and better if you are not constrained by our financial needs and obligations.

Money is merely a tool. Just because you are happy with less does not mean that you have to settle for it. Not only are your leisure activities and pastimes amplified by your newfound wealth, but also your charitable work.

You can structure work around you

Ask any millennial how they like their job and they will tell you that they prefer working for themselves than for anyone else. Most of us want the work hours to adhere to our needs and not the other way round.

In Thomas Stanley’s The Millionaire’s Minds, he states that millionaires are more likely to decide their own work hours than to follow what is set by society.

Being financially independent means that you are able to decide your own work hours and duration.


Today, being financially independent has become the go-to mantra for many entrepreneurs and business owners. There are many ways that you can try to achieve financial independence and being a direct seller for direct selling companies like QNET is one of your best options.

Being a direct seller for a network marketing direct selling company like QNET has many advantages. With some hard work, dedication and a lot of enthusiasm, you will be able to achieve financial independence through direct selling.

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