The Cycle of Qnet Sales

When it comes to direct selling, you can break down your sales cycle into 6 distinct steps. Each of these steps is equally important and plays a valuable role in helping you build a successful direct selling network marketing company. And the best thing is that completing the last step (getting referrals) will help you to start the cycle again. If you can convince your customer about the quality of your product and services, they will gladly give you leads or prospects for your next sale. Top direct selling companies in Asia like Qnet have been employing this technique to reach a large audience and to get more sales.

Here are the six steps of direct selling cycle:

Prospecting your next customer

Prospecting means to find a potential customer for you to sell your product to. When trying to find a new customer, ask yourself, “Who would benefit from your product and how?” and try to make ways to contact them.

Before you talk to them and try to sell them your product, it is better to do some research on them. This will allow you to come up with a better sales pitch that is custom made for your prospective client.

Making the initial contact

To convince your prospective buyers to give you his or her valuable time, you should be able to offer them something in return. This is why many top direct selling companies in India emphasize holding parties and meetings to win the customer over. Once you have convinced your prospective buyer, it is time to move on to the next step.

Qualify your prospective client

Before you sell your product to your customer, you must make sure that he or she is qualified to be your client. In selling, qualifying your prospective client means to find out more about them, including if your product is a good fit for them and if they have the resources to invest in it.

Winning over your prospective client

Now comes the hard part. Once you have managed to convince your client to invest their time, you should convince them to buy your product. This can be done with the help of a strong and personalized presentation that shows them why your product is the superior one in the market and why they should be buying from you. You can then figure out how you can use these points into your responses to the questions that your client might have.

Address your client’s objections

Direct selling is an industry where you will be faced with a lot of objections and rejections. While you should learn how not to lose motivation when faced with these rejections, a master salesperson is able to address the client’s concerns and turn it around. These are both things that come with experience and are also taught by mentors in any top direct selling companies in Asia.

Closing the sale

The final and most important step of the cycle. After you have convinced your prospective buyer about the quality of your product, it is time to close the deal. Finish your sales meeting by getting a verbal agreement for your business relationship with assumptive questions and statements.

Once you have completed the final step and made your customer happy with your product and services, they will be glad to give you leads of their friends and family members who they think can benefit from your product as well.

By following these simple six steps, you can lay the foundation for making your direct selling network marketing enterprise into a top direct selling company in the world.

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