Replacing Rejection Words with Go-Ahead terms in Direct Selling

As a direct seller working for any top direct selling companies in Asia, being faced with rejections and objections can be the most painful thing to hear. But psychological studies have found that how your prospective buyer reacts to or interprets your sales pitch can be heavily dependent on the vocabulary and the words you use. This is why you should remove words and terms that induce concern and objections in your customer’s mind and replace it with ones that fill them with confidence.

Here are some of the terms or words that you should try to avoid to be a master closer and to run a successful direct selling network marketing company in India.


Objections are one of the biggest issues that you will be faced with as a growing direct selling network marketing company. However, you can minimize the issue by replacing objection with concern or areas of concern. Both of these are relatively softer terms when compared to objections and do not run your sales pitch to the ground as the latter does.

If your prospective buyer is concerned, take it upon yourself to learn the reason for his or her concern and find a solution to it.


While we all love a deal, no one really wants cheap goods or services. This is because the term cheap has become almost synonymous with lower quality. It is always smarter to replace the term cheaper with positive and assuring ones like economical or affordable. It is one thing to be cheap, and another to be economical.


One of the biggest factors that have led to top direct selling companies in Asia like QNET to find the success that it has is because they treat their buyers not just as customers, but as part of their ever-growing network.

Customer retention and building a community of loyal buyers are some of the most important factors of building a successful direct selling network marketing empire. No one wants to be a part of your sales statistics. They want someone who is there to serve and help them. Try replacing the term customer with service and see the change the reaction in your prospective buyers. Instead of telling them how many customers you have, tell them how many you currently serve!


Even when your clients just tell you that they are just looking, they are doing their research. By asking your clients if they just looking, you run the risk of allowing them to have that mind-set. Instead, ask them if they are researching and learn their needs.

Have to

One of the most important and unsaid rules of direct selling, or selling of any kind, is that you should not make your prospective customer feel like you are there just because you have to! This puts a great deal of pressure on your customer and makes them feel uneasy. You will have much better success if you manage to convince your customers that you are happy to help them out rather than forced to. For instance, instead of telling them that you have to check your inventory for stocks, tell them that you are happy to do it.


Even though I have been using the term prospect and prospective customer, you should not use it in your sales pitch. It is better to call your prospective customers as future clients. Not only does it improve your chances of closing, but it also conveys to your customers that you are confident and experienced.

Making a sale is an art that has many scientific aspects to it. Small changes in your vocabulary and mannerisms can go a long in improving your chances and closing that great deal that has been slipping through your fingers.

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