Goal Setting in QNET Direct Selling

I do not know who said that setting goals are what turns the invisible into the visible, but I couldn’t agree with him or her more! I have always been a proponent of setting your goals so that you know what you are trying to achieve. Goal setting is the first step to achieving success. But most of us do not know how to set proper goals and to keep with them. Here, I will explain to you how you can set goals as a QNET direct seller.

Write Down your Goals

The Power of Writing Down Your Goals, And How To Do It

The first step to setting your goals and working towards them is to write down your goals. This allows you to refine your goal and to visualise what you are working towards. This will allow you to break down your goal into small, accomplishable ones. For example, if you want to sell 100 Nutriplus ImmunHealth packs, you will have to first grow your sales team and make the pitch to more than 100 prospective customers. While the initial goal might seem much, by breaking it down into smaller goals, you can better plan and accomplish the same.

Have a Vision Board

Having a daily reminder to show your goal and how much you have accomplished in your path to success is one of the most motivational and inspiring. Do you want to make some extra cash to take your family on vacation? Want to save enough to buy a new house for you and your family? Keeping a picture of your vacation destination or your dream house as your mobile screensaver can help you remain motivated.

When you visualise and focus on something every day of your life, you will increase your own trust and belief in yourself.

Find someone who will keep you Accountable.

3 Steps to Foster Positive Accountability in Your Business | Inc.com

There is a reason why close-knit teams are more successful than individuals. It is because there will always be people to keep you accountable. Whether when faced with failure or moderate success at the start, it is easy to lose motivation or become complacent. That is why it is important to have some who will keep you accountable. It can be someone who is your mentor or can even be someone who is outside your sales team.

Track your Goals

One of the important parts of having goals and breaking them down into smaller, accomplishable ones is that it allows you to track your goal.  When you do not keep track of your accomplishments, you will find yourself getting off-course from your goals. It is also crucial to celebrate these wins as they will help you to be motivated.

Direct selling is one of the best and most attractive industry to start your career in. But as in any industry that is as attractive and up-and-coming as a direct selling business like QNET, it is important to do more than the rest of the competition if you want to succeed.

The first step in accomplishing your goals is to know what you are looking for. By following these steps and setting goals, you will be able to be a successful QNET direct seller!

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