Expert Tips on Running a Successful Sales Team!

As a network marketing direct selling business, your success and profits are heavily dependent on creating and running a strong and successful sales team. Independent studies done on the industry shows that a large part of recruits give up on direct sales in the initial year and greatly diminish the profit they could earn.

Here are some ways by which you can run your sales team to its full potential and get the best out of them.

Be goal-oriented

If your aim is to improve sales and get a better profit, it is important that you hire people that have the drive and passion to achieve the same. You should be able to create an environment that is transparent and concentrated on key sales metrics. If you fill your sales team with people who are competitive and has the drive to succeed, their efforts will take the company as a whole to a higher level. Emphasis goals to prevent people from mistaking their daily responsibility with productivity.

Identify where you are and what you need

Some of the industry experts that I have talked to in the past like to classify members of their sales team as either builders or growers. Builders are those people in the sales team that are able to create from the scratch while growers are better off in an organization that already has the necessary things in place. Leading a successful sales team means identifying where is direct selling business is at the moment and what you need to do to make it better.

Manage Expectations

As I have stated earlier, a significant part of new recruits to direct selling sales team drop out before the end of the first year. This can be because of a number of reasons. But one that I have seen happening a lot is when the recruit’s expectations are broken. They find it hard to make the profits they imagined or to make a sale.

You have to get your team excited and motivated. But you should also help them understand what the expectations from them are and how they can improve it. A direct selling entrepreneur who makes small but consistent profit every month might be more useful to you than a one-hit-wonder.

Coachability is important

As an industry where the newcomers have to be taught the ropes by experienced sellers, it is important that the members in your sales team are ok with taking feedbacks.

You can find out if a member of your direct selling business’ sales team is good at taking feedbacks by asking them to do a demonstration for your product and asking them to assess their demonstration before giving them your feedback. Factors like self-assessment, openness to constructive feedback and a drive to always better yourself are core values that a good sales team require.

Set high bars

When you set your sale goals at a high, yet achievable place, there is something for your sales team to strive for and to compare with. It is always better to achieve 80% of a stretched goal than to achieve 100% of a mediocre one.

Incentivize your team

Investing a little bit of money of resources and factors that will make your sales team happy, inspired or motivated can go a long in way in making them more active and competitive. For instance, by putting up a board with the current sales figures and profits for each seller in your team can not only keep the others motivated and driven, but it can also help to improve overall sales.

Training never ends

It is common for many direct selling companies to think that they just have to train their recruits in the beginning and that once it is done, he or she is ready for the world. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In any kind of industry, especially one that is everchanging and evolving like direct selling company in India, it is important that you keep your team updated on the latest products, services and concepts to help them succeed.

Every bit of money, time and effort that you invest in training your employees is a bit of extra profit or sales that you can get in the future.

These are just some of the ways with which you can motivate, train, and inspire your sales team to perform at its best.

A direct selling company like QNET is only as strong and profitable as the people selling for them. By making sure that your sales team is working at its fullest potential, you can build a successful network marketing company in India.

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