Direct Selling Network Marketing Mistakes to Avoid!

While most other industries were forced to take a step back, the last couple of years has seen a drastic growth in direct selling network marketing. At the same time, this can be due to a number of reasons that have helped this change, the impact of the COVID pandemic on the socio-political condition of the world. People are now interested in becoming their own bosses as well as becoming financially free. We have already talked about the many benefits of becoming a QNET direct seller. But there are also some mistakes that all direct selling network marketing entrepreneurs should avoid!

Over-Hype the Product

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QNET sells a number of high-quality products, whether it is in the form of Nutriplus health supplements or the SmartAir air purifier from SHARP. But the problem arises when distributors become desperate to make a sale and hype up the products too much. Always be truthful when you pitch your products to your prospective customers. Direct selling companies like QNET pride themselves on their customer satisfaction and depend on word-of-mouth marketing a lot to succeed. Failing to deliver on your promise can badly affect both!

Switching Companies Frequently

This is an issue I have seen more than a few times among my peers. I have seen a few people join a direct selling company one month but quickly quit and join another one when their sales do not do well. Success only comes when people are persistent and put in the effort in a company. If you keep jumping from one ship to another, you will never succeed.

Trying to be a Lone Wolf

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Direct selling network marketing is a team business. Your success is heavily dependent on the success of your network as a whole. You should be willing to be coached as well as be willing to coach people under you. As a QNET direct seller, it is your duty to learn from your mentors and be the mentor to others.

Treat your Business like a Hobby

Yes, direct selling network marketing is one of those professions that you can do along with a day job that you concentrate more on. But that does not mean that you treat it as a hobby. If you want to succeed in the direct selling industry, especially when you are a beginner, you have to put in the effort and energy. Hobbies are great, but if you want to get paid, you have to make it a career.

Taking Long Breaks

We all need and deserve breaks. But taking a break that is bigger than required can have a few negative effects. Not only does it leave you behind when compared with your competition, but you can also get outclassed. Direct selling is a dynamic and ever-changing field! If you want to be on top of the game, you have to be consistent and regular in it.

Direct selling is one of the best and most influential industry to work in these days. The industry has seen drastic growth in the coming few years, but it is still far from reaching its peak. The industry is expected to reach a whopping Rs 65000 crore in India by 2025. Becoming a direct seller will allow you to invest in your future and become financially independent.

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