Nutriplus DailyHealth: your daily dose of good health

When it comes to top-quality health supplements and healthcare products, QNET India stands above all the rest. QNET Nutriplus products are made with the best ingredients and have been proven to be effective for a number of reasons. And today, I want to talk about a QNET India product that I have made a regular part of my life- QNET Nutriplus DailyHealth.

Why do we need health supplements?

Many in India still consider supplements as overkill. After all, if you have a well-balanced diet, why would you have to get nutrients and other essential compounds from supplements. But the truth is that the food we eat is no longer as nutritious and effective as it used to be.

Lately, supplements have become more and more important for the everyday person. This is due to the increase in pollution, poor dietary choices, stress, reduced access to fresh and local produce and an overall change in lifestyle.

For instance, we spend more time than ever inside, and this has caused a reduction in the overall exposure to sunlight. Due to this, more and more people are finding themselves with reduced levels of Vitamin D. Similarly, the increased levels of stress and pollution have reduced the bodies ability to fight the effects of free radicals and infections.

Yes, the focus should always be on consuming all the essential nutrients through a healthy and balanced diet. But since that has become harder than ever before today, Nutriplus products like DailyHealth are a lifesaver.

Why Nutriplus DailyHealth?

Of all the Nutriplus products that I have at home, QNET Nutriplus DailyHealth is the one that I use the most. DailyHealth is a proprietary health supplement that is made up of blue-green algae or wild AFA extract. Wild AFA extract used in DailyHealth is called nature’s superfood and is harvested from the pristine waters of Lake Klamath in the USA. It is a rich source of natural bioavailable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant nutrients and pigments.

Studies have found that the regular use of AFA extract can have a positive impact on the production of adult stem cells. Also, the high concentrations of amino acids and essential fatty acids that are present in the extract work as building blocks for healthy nerve cells and helps in boosting the activity of the brain. It also has a positive effect on the immune system and works as an antioxidant.

Key benefits of Nutriplus DailyHealth

  1. Powerful anti-inflammatory benefits
  2. 13 different and essential types of vitamins
  3. Ten different minerals
  4. Neutralises free radicals that are caused by oxidative stress
  5. Reduces cell and tissue damage
  6. Stimulates optimal functioning of the nervous system

Nutriplus products for a healthy future!

Nutriplus and QNET has some of the best products when it comes to health supplements. If you are looking for a product that improves your gut health, then you can use Nutriplus GutHealth. If your aim is to improve your skin health, then Nutriplus SkinHealth is the one to use.

For me, the health of my family and loved ones are the most important thing. That is why I have made Nutriplus DailyHealth and similar Nutriplus products a regular part of my daily routine.

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