QNET rules to Prevent False Representation

One of the biggest problem issues that are facing the direct selling industry is that there are many who try to slander legitimate companies like QNET. There is also a huge problem of some QNET IRs lying or misrepresenting the truth. So as you can expect, QNET has come up with a few rules and regulations to prevent the problem of false representation. Here are some rules that QNET has in place to prevent misrepresentation.

Don’t lie about the QNET opportunity

Do not represent QNET opportunity with lies.

There is a misconception among people that direct selling companies like QNET are get-rich-quick schemes. And it is not helped by the fact that some direct sellers are more than happy to push the idea. Nothing could be further from the truth. QNET is a direct selling network marketing business that allows people to start a business of their own. You will still have to sell the products and build your sales team if you want to succeed in the industry.

Don’t lie about the Financial opportunity

 Again, do not lie about the financial opportunities that QNET provides. Lying about the financial opportunity will only lead to distrust and damage the reputation of the company. If you know anyone who is misrepresenting the financial opportunity, always contact QNET about the same. The company will investigate the IR and terminate their license till they are cleared of the allegation.

Don’t lie about the products

QNET Nutriplus products.

QNET has a number of high-quality products that are sought out by millions of people around the world. But there are limits to what it can do. It has been observed that some deceitful direct sellers try to sell their products by lying about their benefits. Never try to misrepresent what the products that you are selling can do.

Do not coerce people who are uninterested

There are people who are interested in QNET, and then there are people who are not. QNET is completely against trying to coercing people who are not interested or guilting them into buying your products or your sales team. Being able to take rejections in a professional manner will not only allow you to stay motivated but also gives a good impression about you. Maybe next time!

Don’t use non-QNET approved collateral

QNET does not allow the use of non-QNET approved collateral because of the same reason that I wrote the article: to prevent misrepresentation! Just visiting QNET India’s social media will give you all the necessary marketing materials that have been created and curated by the company. And if you think there are ideas that you want to share about the same, you can contact your upline or use the company customer service to inform the relevant people about it.

QNET is a respectable company that has helped millions of people around the world with its high-quality product and by giving them the opportunity to begin their entrepreneurial dream. But it is not an exaggeration when you say that there is a lot of misinformation and misconception about the business and the products. These rules and regulations have been put in place by QNET to prevent this from happening. So always be mindful as to keep these tips so that you do not misrepresent the company. 

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