Social Media Selling trends to look out for in 2021

In this era of social media and the internet, being a successful QNET direct seller means that you take advantage of social media platforms and resources to make your sale and being ahead of the competition. And to be truly ahead of the curve, it is important that you see the upcoming trends in social media sales and plan your marketing strategy based on it.

Here are some social media trends of 2021 that can help you improve sales and get the most out of.

Undertaking a Data-driven Approach

It is no joke that big, multinational companies have access to our online data and regularly use it to their advantage. However, it is not only the tech giants that have access to such resources. Most people not only upload important information about them on social media platforms, but they also allow you to get a glimpse into their spending habits and the kind of products that they like.

As a Qnet entrepreneur using such data can not only help you to improve your chances of making a sale, it can also help you to come up with marketing strategy and the kind of content you have to produce for a particular social media platform.

Creating video content

Video content is predicted to make up more than 80% of all internet traffic by the year 2022 and it would not be an overestimation to say that it rules the social media platforms.

Video content has more impact than any other kind of marketing content.

Social media platforms are always looking to push video content into the front page, and it would in your best interest to fully utilise this and create video content that introduces your products and showcases its benefits. A creative and engaging video about your product can put more eyes onto it than almost any other kind of marketing strategy.

Creating Meaningful Relations

As the news of how big companies are using your social media accounts and the internet to gather information about you hit the screens, more and more people have grown concerned about their data being misused. This has subsequently lowered the chances that an individual will trust a brand. This problem has also been further fueled by the growing friend list that most of us have in our social media accounts.

This is why having a closer relationship with your customer is important. This will allow you to create a sense of brand loyalty with your customer and encourage more of them to come back and buy again.

Being Authentic is Important

The increase in the number of online stores and services has also caused people to be sceptical about the prospect. There is bound to be at least one member in your family that does not trust online portals or has been scammed by an online seller.

The simplest and best way to seem authentic to your customer base is with the help of customer and employee-generated content. Customer testimonies, reviews and comments can go a long way in establishing an air of authenticity in the eyes of the public.

The same is true for content created by employees. As a distributor for Qnet India, you can create videos or blogs to showcase not only your products and services but also to spread Qnet’s missions and values. Stay away from generic content and create ones that make you, as a Qnet distributor, seem like a trusted insider to the customers.

Empowering your sales team

Empower your sales team

The job of your Qnet direct selling sales team should not just be to sell products to the customer, but also to increase engagement with them. Your distributors need to be credible and trustworthy to seem appealing to your customers. To do this, you should empower your sales team and give them more training than ever before.

Be consistent

Qnet distributors who are consistently online and has a consistent social media marketing presence will make more sales than the ones who simply create one to be visible online. Social media marketing is a continuous process that needs to be updated and curated almost daily for maximum result.

Emphasis on Customer Service

As Qnet is a direct selling business that gets the best result with word-of-mouth marketing, it is important that you use social media for customer service. Many people today would prefer to send a message or comment on your social media page than to directly call you and report his or her problems. It has become easier than ever for an unsatisfied customer to take his grievances online and cause a black mark on the name of the company.

More and more companies are using chatbots to improve customer service.

Not only do people expect to be heard, but they also want to be replied to fast. This can be seen easily as more and more companies are employing chatbots, tutorials and educational content to solve their customers’ issues.


Creative content can make the difference in your Social media game

Being creative in your marketing campaign can make a world of difference in how your customer sees your products and business. Mediums like Facebook Live, TikTok, Instagram stories and IGTV has allowed direct sellers and entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity and attract a large number of customers to their product.


Social media has revolutionised the way that companies and businesses market their product and has also allowed Qnet entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience. This trend is only expected to grow more in the future. Properly utilising these advancements and trends can help you build your Qnet direct selling business in India and achieve success easily.

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