Busting QNET myths!

Qnet can proudly proclaim that it has had a number of positive impacts on the lives of millions of people in India and around the world. It has helped many to become financially independent and to be their own boss while helping others lead a better, healthier, and easier life. However, like most companies with global recognition and brand, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding Qnet India. Is QNET safe? These misconceptions have not only affected the company, but also its distributors and customers. Therefore, the future of Qnet in India is dependent on busting these myths and misconceptions.

Myth 1: QNET India is a pyramid scheme

One of the most common and prevalent misconceptions about QNET India is that it is a pyramid scheme. Nothing could be further from the truth. Illegal pyramid schemes work by recruiting more people and the person is paid his commission based on how many people he manages to recruit. QNET follows a direct selling business model where the distributor gets paid a commission on the product they sell.

Similarly, pyramid schemes require a large initial fee to join and force you to front-load a large part of the inventory. QNET condemns such practices and follows all domestic consumer protection laws and regulations.

Pyramid schemes are assured to fall with time as it is not a sustainable business model. QNET has been active and thriving for over two decades. See the difference? QNET also has a strong market presence and reputation in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and others, where the consumer protection laws are much stringent and harsher.

Myth 2: QNET is a scam

This is another misconception that is closely related to the previous entry, there is a lot of misinformation and slander thrown at Qnet India and their distributors. But what is the truth behind all the stories of the QNET scam?

Qnet strictly adheres to all local regulations and guidelines of the country that it is active in, files its taxes, help in improving the local economy and the community as a whole. Qnet India also instils strong professional conduct and ethics in their distributors and heavily penalises any distributor that break their guidelines.

Myth 3: Only the people in the top get rich through QNET

As direct selling works by paying commission for products brought via distributors, the only factor that determines how much you make is your hard work and ability to sell. When you joined as a distributor or how many people you have managed to recruit does not matter and the distributor who sells the most makes the most commission. The business model of QNET works in such a way that you succeed only with the help of and by helping others in the system.

Myth 4: QNET India does not provide refunds to its customers

This is yet another belief that anyone who has past experience with QNET will tell you is a lie. Customer satisfaction has always been the number one priority for QNET and they work hard to keep it high. As the business model works mostly through the medium of word-of-mouth, unfairly withholding refunds can be bad for business anyways. QNET has one of the best refund policy in the direct selling industry.

The company provides a 30-day refund policy that the customer can utilise if they are not unhappy with the product. However, there have been past instances where customers demand a refund after 2 or 3 years, which neither justifiable nor honoured.

Myth 5: QNET is a money chain or money deposit scheme

This is yet another misconception that occurs when a person does not fully understand how the business model of QNET India. QNET works by paying a commission to their distributor when someone buys a product or service via said distributor. QNET has never accepted any payments as deposit, nor does it promise any interest payments.

Like any other direct selling company, the myths and misconceptions that surround QNET India are either from people who look at the business from afar and make assumptions or from entities that deliberately want to slander the name of the company. As one of the most popular company in the country, QNET India and the direct selling industry as a whole has been heavily affected by such misconceptions and lie.

The future of QNET in India is a bright and happy one. As more and more allegations and accusations against the company is being proven false by courts, it has managed to win back a large part of its status and brand.

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