Qnet Refund and Return Policy

Every respected company should have a refund and return policy. The same is true for a top direct selling company in India like QNET. While all of the products from QNET are top-quality and made with the customer in mind, there will always be a chance that you are unhappy with the product or change your mind. That is why QNET refunds are an important part of running a top direct selling company in India.

Your Right to cancel your Contract.

QNET Returns and Refunds Policy allows you to cancel your contract by giving an intimation of the same in writing to the company. QNET assures that it will fulfil any shortage or non-delivery of products, replace or repair damaged and defectives ones or refund you the amount that you had paid for it. All you have to do is to write to them. In case your complaints are about receiving wrong, damaged, or defective products, you have to let the company know within ten days from the day of delivery. If you have not received a product after 30 days from the date of order, you have to let the company know in writing within 40 days from the date that you ordered.

Depending on the country that you are doing business in, you can cancel your contract and request a QNET refund within these deadlines.

  • EU members states or the US: 7 days from the delivery date.
  • Singapore: 60 days from the delivery date.
  • Australia and Hong Kong: 10 days from the order date.
  • Any other territory: 7 days from order date.

If you want to cancel a service and request a QNET refund, then you should write to the company within

  • EU members and the US: 10 days from the date of QNET’s acceptance mail for your order.
  • Singapore: 60 days from the date of QNET’s acceptance mail on your order.
  • Australia and Hong Kong: 10 days from the ordering date.
  • Other territories: 7 days from the ordering date.

What if you want to cancel your contract after the product has been delivered?

There is always the chance that you may have received your order before you got a chance to cancel your contract. Or you might have decided to do it after you received it. In this case, you can request a QNET refund by sending back the product to the Qnet contact address in the same condition in your own cost and risk.

What about QNET refunds?

After you have requested a cancellation and it has been accepted by Qnet, you will be notified by the company. You will get your refund after a reasonable administration fee, and bank fees have been charged. The fees charged will be dependent on factors like region, currency differences, shipping and handling fees. In case your delivery return is unpaid, a certain amount will be deducted from your total refund amount to cover product recovery. Your refund will be credited as soon as possible administratively.

Terms of Resignation from QNET

QNET is always ready to respect your request to terminate your association with the company on your demand. This can be done by writing a letter to QNET withing 30 days of joining the company. QNET is always on the lookout for valuable feedback and input on why it did not reach your standards and will gladly hear your side of the story.

QNET has always been serving the community and helping the economy first, then making profits. It has been for the transparency and having strong work ethics that are aimed at helping the customers and its distributors. 

I hope that this article was able to shed a better light on QNET refund policy and regulations. If you have any queries about the same, you can comment below. You can also follow my page for regular content about QNET products and Nutriplus product reviews.

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