QNET’s Nutriplus Series- Stay Healthy, Live Sustainable

As the saying goes- “Health is Wealth” is right by all means. It is vital that we focus on our physical and mental well-being. With the current Covid19 pandemic gripping the entire world, focusing on immunity is the need of the hour.

QNET as a direct selling brand has capitalized on how important promoting nutrition-based products are. With our busy lives, we sometimes are negligent in terms of choosing the right diet and supplement for a healthy lifestyle. QNET’s Nutriplus series of essential supplements are designed for every age group. This allows them to stay ahead of their game and embrace a truly marvellous living experience.

  1. Nutriplus ImmunHealth– In order to lead a sustainable lifestyle and free from harmful pathogens, it is important that we concentrate on building our immunity. This gives us the protection and the resistance we need against air borne viruses. QNET’s Nutriplus ImmunHealth is a natural supplement that comprises of essential phytonutrients and herbal extracts. Some of them are Papaya leaf extract, Aloe Vera, Guduchi, Copper and Zinc Gluconate. With a perfect blend of the herbal ingredients, Nutriplus ImmunHealth is your ideal choice. Celebrate guaranteed immunity with QNET, today!
  2. Nutriplus GutHealth– Investing in a healthy gut can contribute to an immune and digestive system. Without a uniform diet rich in essential nutrients, you can succumb to allergies and diseases that adversely affect your abdomen. QNET’s Nutriplus GutHealth is an ideal probiotic supplement that contributes to a healthy, functional gut. With ingredients like Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Salivarius, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Bifidobacterium Longum, you can gain benefits like improved bowel movement, optimal gastrointestinal condition, good oral health, stimulates immune response assists in effective digestion and absorption of key nutrients.

  3.  Nutriplus FibreFit– A diet rich in soluble fibres is essential for a sustainable lifestyle. With benefits like weight loss, less risk of heart-related diseases, minimal risk of type 2 diabetes and low cholesterol levels, transitioning to a fibre rich diet can help you promote a healthy life. QNET’s own Nutriplus FibreFit is an essential supplement, which is 100% natural. Made using Acacia Arabica, an ingredient used in Ayurvedic medicine, Nutriplus FibreFit boosts overall immunity, helps with constipation and diarrhoea. With it being colourless and odourless, QNET’s FibreFit can be mixed with any suitable diet for maximum results.
  4.  Nutriplus BoneHealth– A calcium rich diet can contribute to strong bone structure and enhance bone density levels. Conditions like Osteoporosis is not age related. With weak bones, one can be susceptible to injuries and infections that deteriorate bone density levels. QNET’s Nutriplus BoneHealth is a vital supplement that contains essential vitamins and minerals that improve bone health. A perfect combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc offers benefits that range from healthy bones, optimizes bone density, regulates body temperature, boosts immunity and heals wounds quickly.
  5. Nutriplus DiabaHealth– It is extremely important that we maintain optimal blood sugar levels for a sustainable lifestyle. With the danger of type 2 diabetes among all age groups, it is imperative that we do our best to minimize any risk. QNET’s Nutriplus DiabaHealth, an essential supplement is 100% natural and contains a perfect blend of herbal components. The key ingredient, Kino comprises of a compound, which is proven to act as a natural insulin provider. The use of novel Bioplantex Technology ensures increased bioactivity of the extracts involved. Also, the presence of Karela (Bitter Gourd) and Jambul absorbs a healthy amount of sugar from blood to cells. Regain your immunity and create resistance against the adverse effects of diabetes, today!
  6.  Nutriplus Qafe– Green Coffee, other than being a refreshing beverage has a lot of benefits to offer. The presence of Chlorogenic acid in green coffee contains high levels of antioxidants that significantly slows down the effects of ageing. QNET’s Nutriplus Qafe is an amazing coffee mix with unroasted green coffee bean extract. An essential ingredient called Nutriose is a scientifically proven prebiotic that results in decreased calorie intake. Feel refreshed and brighten up your day with QNET’s own Nutriplus Qafe.

7. Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil– It is proven fact that virgin coconut oil contains immense benefits when it comes to healthy diets. As this is extracted from natural coconuts without the presence of heat, the nutrients involved stay intact. QNET’s Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from naturally grown coconuts and is cold pressed, unrefined and pure. Comprises of a fragrant aroma, the oil is filled with antioxidants. It can be used in baking, frying without the loss of essential nutrients. Also, Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil is antibacterial and can be used as a conditioner for your skin.

Nutriplus products

Therefore, considering the benefits of QNET’s Nutriplus products, embrace a sense of healthy, hygienic and sustainable lifestyle, today!

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