Why more Women should do Direct Selling?

If you think about it, direct selling, in some form or the other has existed since the dawn of man. People used to buy most products directly from the producer for cheaper and had a better connection with each other. Even today, millions of people all around the globe are using direct selling as a means of livelihood.

Traditionally, it has been the man’s job to travel house to house and sell products, while the woman makes the necessary decisions regarding the appliances and products in the house. Even today, a large portion of people working in sales are men. However, here is why I think it is a great place for women to make an impact. And why certain types of direct selling companies are most suited to women!

Flexible Working Hours

Most other industries have a set working shift, where you have to work for a dedicated amount of time. However, direct selling companies like Qnet allows you to own and operate a direct selling business in India, irrespective of the amount of time in a day that you can put aside for it.

Women have always been seen as the caregivers of the family and are forced to sacrifice a big chunk of her time in taking care of them. Direct selling businesses allows you to choose your working hours and work om your leisure. Not only is it a great tool for housewives, or any stay-at-home parent, to make some money on the side and assure your financial independence.

Immediate source of Income

Direct selling is an immediate source of income for women. Most direct selling companies in India also provide incentives, bonuses and performance pay to motive you to make more sales.

Skill and Qualification

Women have always been better at convincing people. Direct selling needs you to meet people and convince them to buy your product. You do not need any other qualification to build a successful direct selling company. Therefore, direct selling an excellent source of income for a woman who does not want to invest money and time to learn a new skill.

Training and personality development

Being a business owner of any kind allows you to develop your personality and be a better person in most aspect. Direct selling companies also provide training on leadership, marketing and sales. It can help you improve your interpersonal skills and hones you to be a better leader. All this allow you to lead a successful direct selling company.

Safety and Security

Direct selling companies have taken major steps towards making their workplace safe and secure for all kinds of people. For any direct selling network marketing company, making people, sellers and customers, feel like they are in a safe and comfortable environment is essential for success.

Work from Home

Today, many of us work from home. While most have grown tired of it, it would be a stretch to say that working from home is bad. Working from home has many advantages that could make it better for a woman than men. It gives them more time to spend with their family and also to work from the comforts of their house. While most companies and organisations have begun asking their employees to return, direct selling businesses can always be run from your warm and cosy home.

As you can see, most of these reasons do not apply to just women. Anyone who is a stay-at-home parent or has a lot of time to spare can make a successful living with a direct selling business like Qnet. Direct selling companies have also realised the importance and benefits of recruiting more women. They are encouraging more women to step out and take their first steps into entrepreneurship.

As trends change, more and more women have joined the direct selling industry and attained financial freedom. Direct selling provides an easy, affordable and fun means of starting a business where you get to decide the work hours, marketing strategy and what you sell. Just the freedom associated with it makes direct selling a great career path for women.

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