Direct selling and the Recession

With the coronavirus pandemic and the financial instability that it has brought, a recession is something that many of us are actually worried about. In fact, financial analysts and economists are sure that we are long overdue a recession. Nearly a decade overdue! But the direct selling industry is one that has been shown to be resistant to the worst of the recession. Is it true?

What does the Recession mean?

A recession is when the economy of a country or the world slows down for a time period longer than six months. This can lead to fewer employment opportunities, reduced spending, reduced business growth, unemployment and more. It is accompanied by lose of job and reduced cash flow for people. While what we are going through currently can seem like a recession, we are still safe. But nobody knows for how long.

What does the Recession mean for QNET Direct Selling companies?

Unlike the rest of the economy, direct selling companies like QNET have always thrived during periods of recession. But why? Here are some consequences of recession that has become advantageous to direct sellers.

Need for newer source of income

Recessions are times of great financial confusion and uncertainty. People lose their jobs and are looking for new and better ways of making money. Even people who were previously not interested in direct selling will be excited and curious of the business opportunity.

Low starting investment

Direct selling businesses are attractive to people during the recession because it allows them to start a business without much overhead charges. Success in direct selling is dependent on hard work and dedication.

All the rewards

QNET allows you to go up the ranks and reap the benefits that come up with improved rewards. As you go up the ranks of a QNET seller, so does your commission and your profits.

The QNET advantage

As a part of one of the top direct selling business in India, you get a lot of benefits to joining QNET over other companies. Be it the large range of high-quality health supplements from QNET or the air purifiers that the company has come up in partnership with SHARP, you can always be sure of the products that you are getting from QNET.

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