Direct selling organizations and CSR initiatives at QNET- Uplifting Communities Together

Investing your time and career in direct selling can help you take charge of your future. Independent entrepreneurs are collaborating with companies for an alternate source of income and an opportunity to venture into potential business prospects.

From an organizational perspective, companies are devising CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives for communal harmony. Current direct selling trends showcase that end consumers are able to relate with organizations that socially work with economically weaker sections of the society and give back value for a better future.

Be it conducting workshops, partnering with NGO’s or creating awareness about vulnerable issues, getting involved in such activities positively impacts organizational credibility. With the main focus on capturing an appropriate target audience, participating in CSR activities can help companies utilize their resources effectively and devise strategies to work with potential customers. CSR activities can also attract consumers who can contribute to your ever-growing clientele. With QNET products catering to a diverse demographic, CSR initiatives can create a sense of goodwill.

Giving back to the society changes buying perspectives, which can assist organizations to be flexible with their promotion strategies. Let’s have a look at examples of CSR initiatives that contribute to brand awareness and recognition.

  1. Financially Supporting Local Organizations: As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide financial assistance to local organizations like NGO’s and prominent charitable institutions via fundraisers. Organizing events that attract people towards a social cause can increase your presence in the market and help you promote your business. To complement this aspect, QNET direct selling has partnered with local rotary clubs and government schools in order to raise awareness about critical issues that matter.
  2. Work with Corporates and Sponsor Sporting Events: Some of the top corporations organize 5K and 10K marathons to promote the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle. The intent of such an event is to raise funds for renowned charities. Direct selling organizations can now sponsor such events that generate awareness and delivers maximum value. QNET has always emphasized on the importance of sponsoring events and athletes who aspire for greatness. From motor racing, mountaineering to football, they have done it all.

3. Collaborate with Charitable Causes– It is imperative that direct selling firms work with charitable institutions. There are a number of NGO’s who serve for the greater cause. Providing financial support and associating with their brand can help increase loyalty and attract potential consumers. Having a social media presence is important for any direct selling organization. Submitting flyers and promoting charitable causes can result in good will and uplift communal harmony.

4. Volunteer and Serve– Volunteering is a very powerful tool. QNET distributors actively participate in CSR activities that spread a message of empowerment and unity. Get yourself a shirt that represents your brand and volunteer. Explore the market and help organizations in uplifting civic causes like cleaning roads, effective garbage disposal and providing sustainable spaces for the homeless. This increases your morale to serve and protect the most vulnerable parts of your community.

QNET- Personalized Direct Selling and CSR Initiatives

QNET, a leading brand in direct selling has worked with NGO’s, local rotary clubs, government schools and blood donation camps to create awareness and help the society to bring in more value for the residents. With its operations spread across different states, independent distributors are coming together to help the underprivileged and financially support the economically weaker sections of the society.

QNET has also worked with celebrities like Vivek Oberoi who has had a profound impact on issues like health, education for all and the importance of disaster relief awareness. The objective of any organization is to create brand awareness, serve their customers and most importantly, bring communities together. Below are some initiatives by QNET India, which has impacted thousands and contributed to continuous societal growth.

  1. RYTHM Foundation, an Empowered Initiative by QNET: RYTHM foundation is a social initiative by QNET that has focused on community engagement, gender equality, impact of volunteering, social generosity and education in order to transform lives. With CSR activities spread across the nation, QNET network marketing aims to empower and facilitate communities that are vulnerable to changing governmental reforms. For instance, RYTHM foundation helps provide access to education in some of the remote locations and helping women to be independent and strong. For instance, Ladakh, which is known for tourism doesn’t offer enough resources for far-out villages to be self-sufficient in terms of education. No electricity can hamper your lifestyle in so many ways. RYTHM foundation has partnered with Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) to provide electricity to all remote communities in Ladakh. QNET has worked closely with NGO’s like the Parinama Foundation that dedicates it’s time to empower women and create awareness about sustainable living.
  2. Blood Donation Camps: There are thousands of residents who fall short of blood donors every single day. Especially in remote locations with limited accessibility, people are finding it difficult to get access to good healthcare. In order to create awareness and provide information about the importance of blood donation, QNET in partnership with the Lions Club in Kodigehalli have organized blood donation camps. QNET employees and their families proactively donated a pint of blood each that can save up to 3 precious lives.
  3. Volunteering Equals Awareness: Volunteering for social causes is nothing but a blessing in disguise. In partnership with Lions Club, QNET India has organized walkathons that help spread the information about cancer in early childhood. This initiative involved thousands of children from 10 different schools proactively marching for a profound cause.

Considering the impact and benefits of CSR initiatives, direct selling organizations are allocating surplus funds to launch programs that cater to the section of the society that are not financially independent and promote social interactions.

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