Thinking of starting a DS business? Read this first!

Today, you can find a number of opportunities and companies like Qnet if you want to want to become a direct seller. Not only do these direct selling companies allow you to begin a business of your own, but they also allow you to become financially independent and to be your own boss. Seems like a great deal, right?

However, before you think of joining a direct selling company in India like Qnet, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind. Certain things can be the difference between if you succeed or not. Here are some things that the experienced members of the direct selling industry will tell you that you should keep in mind before getting into the field.

The Product

The most important thing when it comes to deciding if you should become a Qnet entrepreneur is the product that you are selling. If you yourself do not use the product that you intend to sell or if you do not believe in it, you will not be able to sell it properly.

Being aware of the product and its benefits not only allow you to sell it better to your customers, but it will also stop you from falling into a scam or a pyramid scheme.

The Initial Investment

One of the best things about starting a direct selling company is that you do not have to invest as much as a normal business. So, you must be wary of any direct selling company that asks you to invest a heavy sum in advance.

However, keep in mind that the initial investment for starting your own direct selling company in India goes more than what you pay for your starting kit. It will also include infrastructure that you have to invest in like internet, travel and more.

The Cash Inflow and Outflow

Just like every other business, your direct selling business also will have outgoing costs and necessities. While you will make back the money that you spend on your out costs, it is important that you have the necessary cash to continue your business.

The Returns

The basic equation to running any successful business is to make more than you spend. You should be sure that the returns you get from your direct selling business more than the money, time, and effort that you put into it. While it will be hard for you to assign a cash value to your time and effort in the beginning, you will learn as you grow.

The Return Policy

Many people who try to become a direct seller find themselves in trouble as they do not spend time to read the return policy and the time duration they get to do it. Reputable direct selling companies like Qnet India will buy back all the product that you have not sold, provided you give it back in an established time period.

Different companies have different return periods. Keep that in mind. Also, always be wary of your products and do not allow them to expire or become damaged as companies do not take these back.

Sales and Recruitment

What is more important for making progress in your company? Is it good sales or bringing in more recruits that is number one priority? Any company that focuses more on recruiting than on making sales could be a pyramid scheme.


Direct selling businesses might seem like a great way to start your own company or to make some money on the side. It is a great option, but only if you make the correct choice when deciding what company to choose. Direct selling companies like Qnet India provides you with all the necessary training and information to begin your direct selling journey and can be trusted. The same cannot be said for many other ones in the market.

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