Qnet as a Second Income Source!

Ask any self-made millionaire or life coach and they will tell you that one of the most important steps to becoming rich and successful in life is to diversify your income source. Today, it has become more important than ever that you have a secondary source of income to supplement your primary. As a global economic crisis looms over our heads, it is time to better prepare yourself and invest your time and energy wisely.

Why do you need a second source of income?

Having a second paycheque allows you to grow your wealth.

Other than the very obvious reason stated at the beginning of this article, having a second or even third source of income can go a long way in the road to financial freedom. Many people have been badly affected by the lockdown and restrictions caused by the coronavirus as they lost their customers or even their jobs. Studies show that a large portion of the country still live paycheck to paycheck and does not have the necessary funds in the time of emergencies. Having a second source of income can not only put more money in your pocket, but it can also help you save more and be independent.

Why Qnet Direct Selling is an easy and effective secondary source of income?

There are many reasons why being entering the direct selling industry as a Qnet distributor is the best and efficient means of supplementing your income. Qnet allows you to convert your extra time, energy and investment into an effective business and profit from them. The profits that you can reap with Qnet is virtually limitless as is only capped by the amount of time and energy you are willing to spend on it.

One of the most attractive prospects of becoming a direct seller and for entering into network marketing is that it allows for you to be your own boss. Financial freedom is not the only freedom that can be gained with Qnet. As a Qnet distributor, you get to decide your own working hours, business plan and objectives. Your house becomes your office and the office hours are whenever you want it to be. You get to control every aspect of your business, including what your priorities are if you want a sales team and how the team functions. The structure of Qnet also allows you to an easy transition to a fulltime role as a distributor if and when you feel like it.

Qnet strictly adheres to the guidelines put forward by the government of India and is a safe, risk-free, and low to no investment means of business. All of the above reasons make Qnet and direct marketing the perfect secondary source of income for many Indians.

The future of Direct selling

As the COVID19 pandemic has caused conventional retail shops and markets to close down, it has also helped in causing a boom in the direct selling industry. And even as the world prepares to go back to normal, people’s feelings about shopping and going out has drastically shifted. Studies have shown that direct selling and network marketing are the commerce of the future and that people have begun to warm up to the idea. Qnet was able to successfully bounce back from the global financial crisis and has returned to its upwards tread, making it the smart choice.

The rise of technology and digitalisation has also helped the direct selling industry. With the effective use of the internet and technology, you can run your business without worry.

Who is directing selling roles best suited for?

The answer is simple- anyone. Many professionals who just began direct selling as a part-time job or as a means to supplement their income has quickly transitioned into working full time. It works just as effectively as a primary income source as a secondary one, making it ideal for housewives, retirees, young students and teenagers who want to begin their venture into business at the earliest and more.

Having a second source of income allows you to be financially free.

The decisions that you make today will set how your future turns out. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that many Indians do not have the financial freedom and security that they desire. With rampant unemployment, a global recession long time in the making and economic restrictions that is suffocating the country’s economy, it is important that you take your first step in becoming financially free. And for that, Qnet and direct selling is the best option in the current climate.

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