Millennials and Qnet India!

Millennials and QNET

As a group of youngsters who were born during a period of monumental growth and change in the fields of technology, ideas and societal changes, millennials are a unique bunch. They are different from the executives or managers that they work under and are driven by different sets of principles and ideology when compared to the previous generations. They are versatile, tech-savvy and able to cope well with change. They even want to bring the change to society, which is always an admirable thing.

Millennials love their freedom.

But one of the biggest problems that are affecting the millennial population is the lack of good and attractive employment opportunities. And even when jobs are available, many of them are turned down due to a range of reason, including lack of flexibility, being boring or draining and more. So, what can we do? And how is this related to Qnet India or direct selling business?

The answer is pretty simple. Qnet India and the direct selling industry as a whole is an attractive means for anyone, including millennials to make money and be financially free. In fact, the direct selling market is a great place for millennials to begin as they have a few advantages over the rest of the population.

How millennials can benefit from Direct selling?

While numerous studies have been conducted to find out what makes millennials tick and how to attract them, why direct selling businesses are a great employment opportunity for them can be broken down into three factors.

Millennials are entrepreneurs

While they love to collaborate and to be mentored, it is safe to assume that millennials are at their best when they are given the power to create and innovate. Studies have shown that a large portion of millennials wants to open their own business or be their own boss. In fact, many who currently work have been known to squeeze in a bit of extra time for freelancing. Millennials need the money and crave to be financially independent.

Millennials love to be their own boss!

This makes direct selling and Qnet a great opportunity for the age group. Not only does it promise a steady stream of income, but it can also be done alongside their day jobs and can help them achieve financial freedom faster. It can allow them to be their own boss while supplementing their regular income.

Millennials love flexibility

While in the past, having an office cubicle of your own and a 9 to 5 job was considered the dream, times have changed. The youth of today wants to be free and flexible.

Direct selling companies have normal businesses and companies beat when it comes to freedom and flexibility. Qnet allows its distributors not only the freedom to decide their own work hours, but also their income and the effort they put into it. And we millennials love them for it!

Millennials love Social Media

Did you know that 90% of millennials trust peer recommendations to conventional advertisements? Millennials are social animals and are online 24/7. They have grown up with the technology and it has become an integral part of them. Millennials love it when they others interact with them through social media and prefer to get their feedback through reviews and comments. A study by Forbes found out that more than 60% of millennials prefer products that engage with them in social media. You can see this as more and more companies and organisations have begun social media accounts and have dedicated people working on it.

Social media has a great role in helping millennials succeed as QNET direct sellers.
Millennials love their social media.

One of the best uses of this characteristic of millennials is that they can sell their products without invading other people’s privacy or personal space. They do not have to go from door-to-door to sell as they have an ever-growing network of people in their hands.

Anyone who has even the slightest bit of experience with social media marketing will know the impact it has on sales. It gives the product an almost worldwide audience, without any extra expenditure. Our digital history is filled with examples of products that have gained worldwide fandom just because of a single social media message or tweet, masterminded by a millennial!

The world has changed due to the advancements in technology and the internet and no one knows it more than the millennials. Qnet India wants millennials and millennials wants direct selling companies like Qnet! The future of Qnet India is a bright one. We millennials can play a role in making it brighter while having a share of the profit!

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