Improving your home with Qnet!

If you have followed this page for a while, you must know how much I like QNET and their products. From health supplements and home appliances, QNET has not only made my life easier but also healthier and happier. With that said, I would like to introduce you guys to some of the home and living products that I use and think you will thank me for introducing to you.

Sharp Qnet Air Purifiers

Sharp has been one of the world leaders when it comes to home appliances, especially air purifiers. And now, Sharp has teamed up with Qnet India to bring their Plasmacluster Air purifiers to the Indian market. These are two state-of-the-art air purifiers that use the latest technology to clean the air and remove any harmful pollutants and microbes from it. Sharp Qnet Zensational Air purifier and Plasmacluster Air purifier come with the patented Plasmacluster technology from Sharp and uses negative ions and positive ions to remove particles and pollutants in the air. The dual nature of the Plasmacluster ions makes it better in removing these particles when compared to conventional air purifiers as they only use negative ions to do the same. The air purifiers also remove foul odour, harmful gases, chemical fumes and more to make sure that you and your family only breath in clean, pure air.

SHARP-QNET Air purifier

Both models of Sharp Qnet Air purifiers can help you keep your skin hydrated and smooth as they control the humidity of the room and keeping it in ideal levels.

The two models of Sharp Qnet Air purifiers allow for you to choose the perfect air purifier for your use. While the Sharp Qnet Zensational Air Purifier is ideal for bigger rooms and offices, Sharp Qnet Plasmacluster Air purifier’s compact and stylish looks make it best for use in private rooms.

Widely acclaimed and having received multiple awards from around the world, Sharp Qnet Air Purifiers are your best bet when it comes to giving your family a healthy and disease-free life.

Kent-Qnet Smart Alkaline-Mineral RO Water Purifier

It is a sad truth that the water we get in our house is no longer as clean and pristine as it has been in the past. Water pollution and water-borne diseases are a major concern and are enough to put fear into your hearts. This is why Kent and Qnet have collaborated to bring you the best in water purification technology through their Kent-Qnet Smart Alkaline-Mineral RO Water Purifier.

KENT QNET Smart RO Water purifier

Not only does Kent-Qnet Smart Alkaline-Mineral RO Water Purifier purify your drinking water, but it also turns it alkaline. Alkaline drinking water is all the hype these days and for good reason too. Alkaline water is said to improve the body’s pH balance and help in living a happy and healthy life. The water purifier uses reverse osmosis, ultraviolet treatment among other filtration processes to remove impurities as small as 0.0001 microns from your drinking water and turn it from hard water to sweet, pure drinking water.

The fully automated water purifier with real-time purity monitor makes providing safe and clean drinking water for you and your family as simple as opening a tap.

Oritsu Premium Porcelain tableware

Qnet has partnered with the world-renowned tableware designers at Dankotuwa to come up with their own range of premium tableware. Their Oritsu brand of premium tableware excudes elegance and an air of aristocracy. You and your guests will feel like royals as they experience the delights of Oritsu.

Oritsu luxury dinnerware.

Made from the finest raw materials and decorated with 24 Karat gold and platinum, you can expect the best in finish and quality with Oritsu. The tableware has a high chip and scratch resistance and promises zero water absorption and are bacteria-free. Another thing that the Oritsu premium tableware promises to be free of is harmful elements like lead, cadmium, and bone ash.

Uniquely crafted by skilled artisans from Sri Lanka, Oritsu premium tableware comes in a variety of designs and patterns, allowing you to choose one that best suits your likes and personality. Its high whiteness and elegant designs are all that you will need to convert your dinner to a royal feast!

It would not be out of bounds to say that Qnet India and their products have touched lives everywhere. From top-quality appliances to world-class health supplements, Qnet has it all. You can always check out more about their products from their YouTube channel. And me, I will be sipping my tea from my Oritsu cup while being confident and happy that I have got the best for my family’s health and well-being with Qnet’s air purifier and water purifier.

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