How to Improve your Downline!

In any network marketing direct selling business, recruiting newer members and growing your network is a crucial part of success. The greater number of recruits you have under you, the more easier it becomes for you to sell your products and gain a bigger profit.

However, independent studies have found out that more than 40 per cent of new recruits quit before they complete one year in the business, with a large part leaving in under six months. The main reason for such a shocking loss of members is thought to be the sometimes confusing commission structure, lack of profits and difficulty in selling the products.

While these dropouts can be extremely detrimental to your direct selling company and profits, you can avoid it with some thoughtful approach to onboarding and training. Here are some ways in which you can improve your downline and get more members faster.

Invest your time

Newer recruits in your downline need a lot of support and training just after they join. It is important that you teach your recruits the ins and outs of the business and give them necessary guidance. You should teach them things like how to get more leads, building a business and making a sale. You can help them build confidence and experience by answering their questions and queries, explaining the different aspects of the company and its product, helping them in meetings and giving them homework.

Create a System

As your sales team or network grows, it becomes important that your process grow with it and become automated. Always have a well-planned and detailed idea on how you will be training your recruits and what they will be learning. Establish an automated emailing system, hold conference calls, webinars and live events on a regular basis to train your recruits and track their growth. The faster you develop a well-balanced and dedicated system to train newer members, the better.

Create a goal

Often, newer recruits in a network marketing direct selling business will be more focused on making back their initial investment. It is important that you use this eagerness and energy to improve business and get more potential leads. Make targets and goals that will allow your recruits to make back their investment in the first couple of weeks and you can be sure that they will work with motivation and confidence.

Train leaders

Many of the successful direct sellers today are people who have been part of a downline a while back. One of the biggest benefits of training your team is that you can help in creating leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Always be on the lookout for people who showcase great leadership skills and charisma. These include confidence, loyalty, the willingness to teach and help others among others.

These are just some of the ways by which you can improve your downline and better your business. A direct selling company is only good as its sales team. Making sure that your sales team is working to its maximum potential and bringing in more profits and newer recruits to your business.

While selling the product or services is the biggest source of profit and commissions in a direct selling company, many of them also give incentives and bonuses for bringing in new recruits. It also makes it easier for you to sell your product, making a strong downline a very important and integral part of direct selling network marketing companies.

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