How QNET works?

There is a lot of information on QNET everywhere. All of us know that it is an international direct-selling company. It markets home-care, health-care, personal-care products, accessories, and holiday packages. But how does QNET works? How does people make money from it? What work do they need to do? These questions come in our minds repeatedly, and these questions generate one more question, i.e., who can answer these questions to us? This article is the answer to all of these questions. Let’s see how QNET works.

How QNET makes money?

QNET deals in high-quality products, which are marketed exclusively on its website. Nobody can find QNET products in local markets or any other outlet. Instead of spending on big marketing campaigns, QNET gives commission to its Independent Representatives (IR) for advertising products. The IRs advertise products in non-commercial outlets, sell them and earn a commission from them. Regular companies spend 10% to 13% of annual revenue on advertising alone. For a 10 billion dollar company, 100 million is paid on celebrities to advertise their products. Because there is no advertising cost given to celebrities, QNET can offer more commission to its IRs; and that’s how this business works.

How to start earning with QNET?

To start earning with QNET, you need to register yourself as an Independent Representative on QNET’s website and start purchasing products from it. Read QNET’s Code of Ethics and then start advertising.

What is the job of QNET IRs?

The job of a QNET IR is to bring business to the company. As an IR, it is your job to build a team of your own. Being an IR gives you not only money but also the opportunity to become a mentor and help others in succeeding.

You can learn marketing skills from your mentor, i.e., the IR who introduced you to the business (your upline). You need to sell products to two people; you don’t need to sell anything after that. Your job is to help people who you sold products to (your downline) in selling the products because only by their sales you can get the further commission. Now, it is your job as a mentor to make sure that your downline can earn a commission because if your downline doesn’t earn, you can’t earn. Still, you can earn a commission by selling products, but this is not the right way to earn more. If you manage to find people who will buy directly from you, you can place them anywhere under the people whom you sold the products. By this means, you can get a commission from direct referral and from a sale commission for selling a product under yourself. And in this way, you can help others in earning commission as well.

In direct selling, we grow together. An IR is dependent on his upline and downline both, and the company depends on all of the IRs. It is the best way to learn, earn, and motivate others at the same time.

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