QNET Direct Selling Tricks You Should Steal Today

There is no secret to success when it comes to running a top direct selling company in India. You will always have to put in the effort, time, and energy if you wish to stand apart from the rest of the competition. However, that does not mean that there are some tricks or technique that you steal from successful direct sellers to include in your own QNET direct selling business and make it easier for you to achieve success.


Yes. Giving away your products can seem like a stupid thing to do when you are trying to make a profit. However, there are many reasons why giving away free products can be helpful. Not only will it get people to try out your products who otherwise might not be willing to give it a try, but it will also cause them to be obliged to buy from you. Also, it brings a lot of goodwill to your business that will help you to get better word-of-mouth marketing.

Email marketing

Despite what people might think, email marketing is not dead. All you have to do is just open your email and see the number of emails from brands and companies looking for your attention to realise that email marketing is thriving right now. Email marketing allows you to reach a wider audience and is economical when compared to other means of communication. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind when it comes to email marketing. It is important to come off as genuine and authentic as possible and to stay away from automated marketing programs. It should also be short, crisp and to the point. The goal of email marketing is more to build trust and connection with your audience than to get a sale.

Get social with social media

Social media is your best friend when it comes to direct selling. In a direct selling network marketing company like QNET, it is important that you interact with your prospective clients in as many means as possible. Social media allows you to do so in the form of photos, videos, live streams, and more, as well as to directly interact with them. It also allows you to sell yourself as a genuine and authentic seller to your customers.


One important aspect of marketing that many people seem to miss out on is cross-promoting. Cross-promoting not only helps you to save money on advertising, but it also allows you to attract new customers. Finding a strategic partner to cross-promote with can make a lot of difference to you and your QNET direct selling business.

Offer extra

If you want to build a successful QNET direct selling empire, then customer retention is something that you should be working on. This means finding new customers and incentivising older ones to keep coming back for more. One of the simplest and most effective ways by which you can retain customers is by giving them more. This can be anything from an extra bottle of product or value-added services like delivery or gift wrapping. It can also be sponsorships for your local sports team or donations to a communal cause.

These are just some tricks that I learned after spending time around successful direct sellers and used in my own QNET direct selling business. If you have any other trick that you found effective, feel free to comment below. Also, follow my page for regular content about direct selling, network marketing and more.

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