Is QNET a Legal Business in India?

One of the questions that are commonly associated with QNET direct selling business in India is its legal status. Is QNET a legal business in India? Are there any legal restrictions to starting or running a direct selling business in India?

Is Network Marketing Legal in India?

Yes, network marketing legal in India. The same is also true for multi-level marketing businesses, except for some businesses that are classified as illegal multi-level marketing schemes which are done to trick and trap innocent people into investing in the business without any actual sale of goods.

What is the Difference between Legal and Illegal MLM in India?

There are many legal and genuine multi-level marketing companies in India. However, there are also some illegal and fraudulent entities that only wish to steal your money, giving legal businesses like QNET a bad name. But, by knowing the difference between a legitimate and illegitimate network marketing business, you will be able to make sure that you do not fall prey to them. There are some visible differences between legal and illegal network marketing businesses, including:

  • Illegal network marketing Multi-level marketing companies promise a high rate of returns but does not include the extensive sale of process. Legal direct selling network marketing like QNET is mostly involved with sales of product or services.
  • There is a higher emphasis on recruiting members to your business if you are working for an illegal network marketing business in India. This is because, in a pyramid scheme, the initial investment that is taken from the new recruits is used to pay off older members. While network marketing direct selling companies requires you to recruit people into the business, it is only to improve the network, and you are only paid a part of the commission of the sale that someone you roped in gets.
  • Many illegal network marketing businesses have unusually high rates of returns that cannot be explained scientifically.
  • Most illegal network marketing business promises that you will get quick and easy. However, anyone who has experience with the legal network marketing business will tell you it is not the case.

So now, let us go back to our initial question- is QNET a legal business in India?

As you must have inferred from the above signs of an illegal business, QNET is a legal direct selling network marketing business in India. It deals in the sale of high-quality products, including health supplements from Nutriplus, Luxury dinnerware from Oritsu, watches from CHAIROS and more. It also does not pay you to recruit new members into the group but incentivises recruitment by giving you a part of the commission from the sales made by the people you recruit into the business.

Direct selling network marketing companies like QNET India are not just legal in India, but they are very much appreciated and supported by the Indian Government. It provides employment for a large number of people and also brings in tax revenue to the country. Direct selling companies like QNET allows budding entrepreneurs to start their business for very low investment and risk, helping to build the economy and skills of the population.

I hope that I was able to provide an answer to your question -is QNET a legal business in India? If you have any more doubts about the direct selling industry, QNET product, network marketing business and more, feel free to ask in the comments below. Also, follow my page for regular and updated content on the same.

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