Common Direct Selling And Network Marketing Myths Debunked

To say that there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the direct selling business is an understatement. Anyone who has worked as a direct seller or thought of joining a direct selling network marketing companies must have heard at least one of the myths that I will be discussing below. You might have heard it from a relative or a friend when you told them that you intend to start a direct selling company or found it online while doing your research. Here are the most common myths and misunderstanding surrounding the direct selling business and the truth behind it.

Only people on the top become rich

This is more of a misconception than a myth, to be honest. In any business that follows the network marketing model, recruiting and growing your network is a crucial part of success. This means that someone who has had more time to refer and recruit into their network will be making more money. However, that does not mean newer members cannot make money as direct selling entrepreneur. Most of your earnings as a direct seller will come from the profits that you make by selling.

Network marketing will eventually get over

There seems to be a belief that direct selling network marketing is not a sustainable industry because if everyone refers to everyone else and become a seller, there will be no one to sell to. While this is a justifiable confusion, the truth remains that only 10 to 15 per cent of people who join a network marketing company take the work seriously and put in the efforts. There is also a large number of people who turn 18 every year and wants to start a business of their own.

It is a stay-at-home mom’s job

Direct selling and network marketing is an ideal job opportunity for any stay-at-home parent who wants to contribute to the family’s income. But that does not mean that they are the only people who should join a direct selling company. The flexibility that direct selling allows makes it an ideal job for anyone who cannot commit to a regular job or just wants a second paycheck without quitting their day job.

Network marketing is illegal and a fraud

This is a misconception that arises from the fact that many pyramid schemes copy the business model of network marketing companies and try to convince people that they are a network marketing business. In the network marketing business, the main profits come from the sale of products. However, in a pyramid scheme, the money collected as a joining fee from new recruits is used to pay the existing members. Pyramid schemes are illegal and banned in most countries, including India, while network marketing companies are completely legal and actively supported by the government.

It is an easy business

Truth be told, this is a lie that is being propagated by network marketers to attract more people into the business. Every business has its share of issues and obstacles that one must overcome to become successful, and network marketing is no different. If you wish to be a successful direct seller, you have to put in the effort and work hard.

These are just some of the myths and misconceptions related to the direct selling and network marketing industry. I hope that I was able to give you a better look at it and remove any confusion in your mind. If you have any more myths about the industry that you have come across and wants to know more about it, you can use the comments section. Also, follow my page for regular and up-to-date content about the direct selling network marketing industry and more.

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