Direct Selling: What, How, Why?

Direct selling has taken the world and rightly so. Many developed countries like the US, UK, Japan and China have made a drastic shift from the traditional marketing model to a direct selling network marketing one to great success. Even in developing countries like India, top direct selling countries have proved to be a valuable opportunity to provide employment and boost the economy. But what is direct selling? How does it work? Is it really as good as people make it out to be?

What is direct selling?

In the simplest terms, direct selling is a business model where a company sells its products direct to the customer through a representative of the company. These representatives are paid commissions based on the products that they sell and can also recruit more people into the sales team to make selling more effective and efficient. Not only does direct selling help people to get high-quality products at a lower cost from a company, but it also helps in building entrepreneurs and businesses.

How does direct selling work?

Direct selling companies are able to sell their products at a price lower than what most online or physical stores as they can cut out all the intermediaries like regional distribution centers and wholesalers. Most of the products that are sold by direct selling companies are not available for purchase from retail sellers and can only be brought from the representatives of the company.

Do not get direct selling and direct marketing confused with one another. Direct selling is when a company sells its products directly to the customer through a representative while direct marketing is when a company direct markets its products and services directly to the customers.

Are direct selling companies legal in India?

Direct selling network marketing companies have got a bad rub due to pyramid schemes. Most pyramid schemes try to make themselves look like a network marketing company. The main difference between a direct selling networking business and a pyramid scheme is that legitimate direct selling companies make most of their money from the sales of products. Direct selling network marketing companies are perfectly legal in India while pyramid schemes are not.

Why Direct selling is the future?

Many people believe that direct selling is the future of business. This is especially true since the COVID19 pandemic has left millions of people with a job or a means to support themselves. Direct selling is a low investment, low risk opportunity for anyone looking to start a business. It is also a business opportunity where one does not have reinvent the wheel to succeed. As a direct selling entrepreneur, you are tasked with selling products that have been developed and marketed. Direct selling companies have also spent a large amount of time and money in creating resources that are aimed at helping their representatives to find success in the industry. By taking advantage of these resources, anyone can become a successful direct selling entrepreneur.

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